Owned by HDP Media Ltd. – a company with over 25-year-long experience in the video industry - Recken strives to create break-through products for small TV stations, local broadcasters, and communities. Our goal is to make cost-effective products for companies with limited budget and manpower, without compromising the quality.

Functionality, comfort, ease-of-use, professional results, incorporation of the state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality technical support – these all characterize each of our projects.

We have been developing advanced solutions for top-notch video production companies. Our customers also include TV broadcasters and producers, AV manufacturers and individual consumers making video content for their own needs.

Our products have been created on the basis of our long-term experience and knowledge of our customers’ needs and expectations. With that, now we can present you with professional equipment of the highest quality.

All the solutions and electronics are made by us - both hardware and software: from advanced algorithm for chromatic keys, and 3D engine, to the final user’s interface, and also capture cards, audio processors, and advanced projects using FPGA. That is why we can guarantee the highest quality, while offering lower prices compared to other similar solutions of the market.

What makes our offer stand out is our experience and openness to innovation, trends and customer needs. We design and manufacture electronic solutions tailored to the needs of both individual consumers and the ones from business and industry, making both big and small production runs.