We have combined Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Model Predictive Control and Cinematography. 

With our Adaptive Motion Control technology, Seervision has invented autonomous camera control. This type of automation, as we offer it, democratizes production quality and also saves costs. The hardware agnostic technology represents a revolutionary change in studio and sports broadcasting and leads to consistently high quality at significantly lower production costs.

Since our solution was developed in collaboration with broadcast experts, we made sure from the very beginning that existing production processes would not have to be changed, but that we would connect seamlessly to them. Existing camera hardware can still be used and it doesn't matter if it is a camera from a tripod or on a dolly or a rail, the software always controls the camera perfectly in human manner and can follow any desired object in perfect, freely definable framing. We are not dependent on external, additional tracking devices, but work purely vision-based.

With our technology, multi-camera robot setups work together to segment and understand unexplored scenes and then perform all the operational tasks of traditional camera teams autonomously.

Through automation and AI, we take video production to the next level.

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