DAVID Systems

DAVID Systems was founded in 1991 as D.A.V.I.D. GmbH with the aim of moving analogue radio broadcast production and operations from their dependency on tape to a digital, open IT-based domain. As processing and computer power increased DAVID Systems looked to achieve a similar transition in the TV environment by replacing proprietary equipment with digital desktop video production systems.

Today DAVID Systems products are used both in radio and broadcast video for the acquisition, creation and distribution of both audio and video material by leading broadcasters.

A key part of DAVID Systems' product range for broadcast production is the DigaSystem platform, which is built on the latest IT technology. This is designed to support journalists, producers and operations staff in dealing with news and programme material, with emphasis on distribution to a variety of different media outlets, from traditional TV to multimedia and online. DAVID manufactures editing systems for both audio and video and introduced a combined editor for both in 2007.

More recently the company developed DPE (DAVID Platform Evolution), with the intention of improving integration and interoperability, usability and scalability in a new system. DPE will integrate with existing DigaSystem installations and be part of a collaborative approach "both internally and externally". Among broadcasters using DAVID Systems' products are ARD, the association of public broadcast services in Germany, and RTR in Switzerland.