Cube-Tec International

Cube-Tec International is a developer of integrated systems for big media archives and a leader in quality control for media workflows. As part of this the company focuses on open standards and flexible process automation, with experience in large-scale media digitisation projects. Cube-Tec is also involved in content verification and media automation service platforms for modern file-based workflows, producing units employing reference and non-reference based quality assessment methods. In recent years the company has also moved into the fields of moving image digitisation and Digital Cinema mastering.

Among Cube-Tec's products is the DOBBIN Media Rendering Farm, which provides distributed, quality-controlled process automation for audiovisual content. To streamline and create workflows that can be used easily by operators working on large-scale media processing projects, Cube-Tec has developed a workgroup system called Cube-Workflow. The core part of this is the rule-based workflow engine that is driven by extracted metadata, providing user interaction by customising the flexible browser-based dashboards to suit individual operators or applications.

Cube-Tec's products and systems are installed in over 100 facilities in 22 different countries, including those of many leading broadcasters, restoration facilities and archives.. Its technologies are licensed to companies including Adobe (for Premiere Pro) and Steinberg Media Technologies. Cue-Tec also works with federal and governmental departments round the world and has a long history of development in conjunction with European R&D projects and standardisation bodies such as SMPTE, AMWA and the EBU.