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Founded in 2002 and based in Vienna, Austrian company cmotion is a developer of lens and camera control systems.

Using new technologies cmotion designs and manufactures wired and wireless devices for the broadcast and film production markets. The cvolution range for lens control includes the camin 3M, a compact, lightweight interface for controlling focus, iris and zoom. This allows motors to be controlled wirelessly or over cable using modular cvolution hand units.

Popular broadcast controllers can also be connected using a new analogue interface. The camin range of camera interfaces includes units that are able to run eight motors, with specific models for ARRI systems. A targeted broadcast product is cmotion's ENG package for focus iris and zoom. This is designed to create an interface between Canon and Fujinon broadcast-style controllers using components from cmotion's new and established LCS range.

The ENG system allows users to continue working with familiar broadcast controllers for the focus and zoom but using external motors to run cine-style lenses. The camin can be used to automatically control some external iris motors, taking data from the camera's internal sensor. A recent addition to cmotion's range is the Compact LCS, available in one, two and three motor configurations, which is marketed as an affordable system. The handheld unit connects to a new 'intelligent' motor that was developed in conjunction with ARRI.