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Zylight was founded with a simple mission: Bring the best and most intelligent lighting solutions to the production industry. Our products have been rigorously designed by a team of professionals with over 80 years of combined experience to make your job easier and to get you the best results possible.

From run-and-gun ENG, to Hollywood sound stages, to the frigid summit of Mt. Everest, our team and products have been there to back you up with tested and proven results.

Made In America, Zylight’s products are designed by our team of award-winning engineers and designers with experience in advanced fields ranging from autonomous aircraft to digital cameras to submarines. We merge form and function, delivering the most rugged, reliable and integrated lighting solutions.

Whether you are called on to shoot in the deserts of Africa, the Mountains of Nepal, or anywhere in between, rest assured that your Zylight products will outperform some professional broadcast cameras and lenses.

Zylight has continued to build upon LED platform instruments, along with unique wireless integration, and other patented technologies. With over 50 dealers and distributors worldwide, Zylight continues to grow its brand and products to a large international audience.