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Xytech Facility Management Software simplifies the complex operations of today’s broadcasters and media facilities. In 25 years of doing business, Xytech has more than 450 software deployments in more than 20 countries around the world.

Xytech delivers operational automation, end-to-end order management, scheduling, billing and asset management via our flagship platform, MediaPulse. MediaPulse manages all the complex scheduling, resource and content management needs of broadcasters in a configurable, platform-independent, browser-based application.

Broadcasters can easily and economically integrate MediaPulse into the production platform, letting events scheduled and managed by MediaPulse be automatically transmitted and monitored. MediaPulse manages craft workflows, digital asset repositories and all elements in the transmission chain. Notifications, labor contracts, status of orders and trigger events are all managed by the platform’s rules engine.

Highly scalable and fault tolerant, MediaPulse is designed to meet the unique needs of broadcasters in an increasingly challenging climate.