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The Vimsoft team has a wealth of experience in developing information-management software solutions, and has specific domain expertise in developing solutions for the broadcasting sector. Combining broadcasting experience with the latest development technology has produced the most comprehensive, sophisticated, flexible, scalable, and intuitive Broadcast Resource Management software available to broadcasting SMEs and enterprise-level broadcasting- and media-related organizations.

VimBiz is the best-of-breed Broadcast Resource Management solution suite that streamlines workflows for production planners/schedulers, service and maintenance engineers, IT help desks, and managers in stockrooms, rentals, and purchasing. Completely scalable, VimBiz maximizes ROI for critical resources. VimBiz is available on rich (thick), web (thin), and mobile platforms, and is the only broadcasting-focused software that effectively integrates engineering workflows with operations processes.

The VimBiz solution has been developed as a series of interconnected modules that address critical resource-management needs. The VimBiz suite provides a set of powerful tools that enable better-informed decisions to be made, efficiencies to be gained, and bottom lines to be improved. Purchase the complete suite, or purchase modules individually to suit your organization’s needs.