XenData, Inc.

XenData, Inc.

As a provider of data storage systems for the media and entertainment industry and organizations that create large amounts of video content, XenData focuses on providing digital video archive systems that offer low-cost per TB and long-term archival retention. 

The company provides a second tier of data storage that is complementary to shared edit storage which is high performance but high cost per TB. By adding a second tier of archive storage, users can move less frequently used video assets to archive, freeing up valuable edit storage.

XenData archive systems manage near-line and offline LTO cartridges, providing low cost storage space that is reliable for decades. LTO cartridges have characteristics that are ideal for long term storage of video files, most notably they have a low cost per TB, 30 years lifetime and provide fast file transfers. XenData has recently added support for Sony Optical Disc Archive systems and the next major release of software adds support for Amazon Web Services.

All XenData archive systems provide a file-folder interface. This means that archiving and restoring can be as simple as dragging and dropping files and folders. In addition, XenData archives are compatible with most media asset management systems and project based media management systems.

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