MainConcept is a leading provider of broadcast technologies, with a focus on Codec and Streaming SDKs for integration in customer software applications. For over 25 years, MainConcept targets the professional video production, multimedia, and broadcast industries.

Our market-proven SDK technologies - such as HEVC/H.265 SDK, AVC/H.264 SDK, Transcoding SDK, ProRes Decoder SDK - are optimized for UHD ingest, encoding and streaming in different HDR flavors and used by major companies like Adobe, Autodesk, MAGIX, Sony and many more. MainConcept codecs provide exceptional speed and compression efficiency, best suitable for modern internet streaming and broadcast productions. With its engineering-level support the global MainConcept Customer Care team saves integration costs by helping customer developers with codec expertise and programming questions.

Our newest product line offers technology microservices for easy integration and usage, powered by our renowned codec technology. Each microservice is optimized for a typical workflow task, like ingest, transform, streaming or transcoding, and can be scaled and combined for building larger workflows by leveraging common container platforms.