Rogue Amoeba

Formed by Paul Kafasis, Alex Lagutin and Quentin Carnicelli, Rogue Amoeba creates powerful and innovative audio tools for MacOS, Windows and iOS. Since its founding, the company has released half a dozen popular products and earned some of the highest accolades in the industry.

Rogue Amoeba’s offerings consist of a suite of audio-related apps: home-audio streamer Airfoil, popular recording applications Audio Hijack and Piezo, soundboard app Farrago, editor Fission, sound control SoundSource, mixing tool Loopback, and broadcaster Nicecast.

Our products are generally aimed at consumer-level users on the MacOS platform, but all levels of users can (and do!) enjoy the power of these products. Users range from home hobbyists to professional podcasters to studio technicians. Anyone with an interest in audio is likely to find the aforementioned products useful.