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The Burli Newsroom System is a leading computer newsroom system for radio. It has tools for every step of the newsgathering process, from story ideas and assignments right through to broadcast and archiving. Burli is sophisticated, stable and runs in hundreds of newsrooms worldwide — from modest operations with one or two staff to the demanding 24/7 newsrooms of major national broadcasters.

Think of the Burli Newsroom System as being a bit like an Office suite for radio journalists: it contains the word processor, the newswire manager, the phone book, the audio editor, and the prompter that journalists use in the field, at their desks and in their studios each day as they gather, edit and broadcast the news.

Burli has tools for writing scripts, creating run-downs and managing wire data, e-mail, assignments, contacts and much more — all on standard Windows desktop PCs.

Burli is also known for its audio tools, including a multi-track editor that sets new standards for speed, sophistication and ease of digital radio news production.

The Burli Newsroom System is a proven tool used by thousands of journalists in a dozen languages on desktops in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and across the Americas — both in small markets and in some of the world's busiest and most-listened-to radio newsrooms.