Sennheiser (Companies)

One of the most recognised audio brands in the broadcast, music, live sound and consumer electronics market sectors. Sennheiser microphones, notably the wireless, reporter's, and shotgun models, are used widely in TV production, while the headphone range caters to consumers,

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The Challenges for Wireless Mic Production (Featured / Editorial)
November 14th 2018 - 09:00 AM

The impending clearance of the 700MHz spectrum band will bring about a significant change not only in what frequencies will be available for wireless microphone operations but also how equipment is designed and used. This contentious topic was discussed at AES New York 2018 during a conference panel featuring product specialists from leading radio mic manufacturers, RF technicians and audio engineers.

Extensive Networking, Wireless And Comms Required For Eurovision 2018 (Featured / Editorial)
June 12th 2018 - 08:00 AM

Depending on your point of view, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is either a cheesy pageant of songs that have no relevance to today’s music scene or a fun, well-intentioned attempt to celebrate national identities while at the same time trying to bring together the countries of Europe and beyond through the power of song. Either way, it is the world’s biggest televised music event, this year pulling in approximately 186 million viewers through a TV production that involved an extensive wireless microphone, commentary and sound distribution set-up and the first trial of immersive audio technology for a live broadcast.

Essential Guide: Location Sound Recording May 22nd 2024 - 09:30 AM

Essential Guide: Location Sound Recording

This Essential Guide examines the delicate and diverse art of capturing audio on location, across a range of different types of film and television production. A group of seasoned professionals discuss their art and the how it can dramatically elevate the immersive experience for viewers. …

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