Adobe (Companies)

Making multiple desktop applications for video production, photography, graphics audio and design, most of these products are available in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service. Adobe tools include Photoshop for image editing and compositing. Illustrator is for vector

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Test & Measurement in an IP World (Featured / Editorial)
December 28th 2017 - 08:00 AM

Just like video equipment, test and measurement is evolving from hardware to software, with more and more intelligence incorporated into the product. The engineer sitting at a bench has been largely replaced with automated quality control (QC) to meet the needs and workload of multi-platform delivery. The engineer now performs more of an investigative and trouble-shooting role.

Test and measurement for broadcast equipment falls into two areas. One is for manufacturers, on the test-bench or in research and development. The other is for broadcast engineers, who are installing equipment, or for ongoing maintenance and system quality assurance. Although some of the needs may crossover, in general the requirements of the broadcaster are simpler than the R&D engineer.

Managing The Content Lifecycle Is Key To Video Operations At Vice Media (Featured / Editorial)
August 17th 2018 - 08:00 AM

While there are a multitude of workflows deployed across the industry, one thing common among them all is a solid strategy for managing their media; from creation to distribution. Indeed, a scalable and highly customizable media asset management (MAM) platform enables these media organizations to repurpose (and monetize) their archives while also delivering content in the many forms it needs to take in order to be consumed by their target audience.

AI: Real or Hype? (Featured / Editorial)
May 3rd 2020 - 08:00 AM

Many software applications claim Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning as their underlying power. Is this just marketing hype, or is AI a really useful technology for the media and entertainment sector?

AI is not new, it’s been around for half a century or so, but it is only recently that the term has been cropping up in product descriptions. So, what is it and what potential does it have for this sector?