Focusrite Introduces RedNet X2P Audio Interface

Focusrite has announced the RedNet X2P 2x2 Dante audio interface, a compact device that allows the expansion of Focusrite RedNet or other Dante audio-over-IP systems with its two Red Evolution mic pre’s, stereo line outs and a stereo headphone amplifier.

Focusrite said the RedNet X2P supplies power, audio and remote control using a single Ethernet cable. A local input mixer allows “more me” monitoring control.

Flexible control locks determine local control capability of the mic pre and output settings for applications such as allowing users to adjust their headphone mix and levels without changing mic pre parameters. RedNet X2P features a crossfader to enable level control of the local inputs versus network inputs assigned to feed the line outputs or the headphone outputs. The unit can be mic stand mounted.

Two digitally-controlled Red Evolution mic preamps provide up to 63dB of gain along with stereo linking, individually switchable phantom power, high-pass filter, phase reverse and, for the classic Focusrite ISA pre-amp sound, the Air mode.

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