Media Links Showcased IP Media Gateway and New Features for MD8000 at NAB NY

At NAB New York, Media Links showcased its new MDP 3020 IP Media Gateway, designed for economically transporting and receiving video and audio over a standard IP network with excellent quality and minimal network bandwidth.

The MDP 3020 IP media gateway is a next-generation compact multi-channel encoder & decoder. Half-1RU small, the device processes media information by sending either uncompressed or JPEG2000 compressed SDI video signals with support for SMPTE 2022-2/6/7 and TR-01 standards. 

By combining encoding & decoding in a single unit and offering multi-format support including 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and DVB/ASI, the MDP 3020 saves on rack space providing a portable, bi-directional and cost-effective media gateway.

The MDP 3020 is perfectly suited for contribution applications as an edge device, whether that be for distribution applications as a remote video playout device, point-to-point local video and audio distribution, tunneled backhauling for data, and more.

The MDP 3020 also includes 10GbE Hitless protection, protecting against packet drops, network outages, transport failures and any signal disruptions. Hitless protection provides a fail-safe way to deliver signals across an IP network. This is critical for broadcasters as it allows them to deliver signals reliably from remote venues to studios and within production and distribution networks. Media Links has a long successful history with implementing its hitless protection technology.

Media Links solutions are standards-based, they provide the flexibility to work in almost any broadcast, professional AV, media and network environment that requires video, audio and data signals to be transported over IP networks.

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