NEP UK Orders Vislink HEVC 4K-Capable Wireless Camera Systems For Major Live Broadcasts in 2018

NEP UK has placed a order with Vislink for multiple 4K-capable HCAM wireless camera transmitters and FocalPoint camera control and HEVC encoding systems. The equipment will be used at the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February 2018 and at The Commonwealth Games in Australia in August 2018.

The Vislink HCAM offers 4K UHD wireless video performance with a 70ms latency via the company’s built-in proprietary RF modulation technology. It also features user interchangeable RF modules and a range of software options that support Quad 3/6/12G SDI, HDMI, Fiber Optic, and SMPTE 2022-6 HD-SDI over IP interfaces.

With one-way or return data communication to the camera, the company’s FocalPoint camera control system is comprised of The system is made up of four main parts: a Control Panel/Remote Control Panel (OCP/RCP); Camera Control Interface Unit (CRIU); Camera Control Data Transmitter (FCDT); and a Data Receiver.

The system can manage multiple camera and control panel combinations via Ethernet connection. For example, three units can be linked together to allow control of 18 cameras using one RF head. A single unit can control of up to six cameras by multiplexing six control panels over single RF link. System setup is performed with a 2.2-inch color LCD display with an intuitive menu system that shows data activity/system health and diagnostic information.

The company said it has received over $2 million in pre-orders for the HCAM transmitter, which can be controlled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control with a dedicated Android and iOS application that can be loaded onto a phone or tablet.

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