NEP The Netherlands Installs Tedial MAM

NEP The Netherlands has installed Tedial’s Evolution MAM at its headquarters in Hilversum Media Park, Amsterdam

The Tedial Evolution platform and Evolution Version Factory workflow is working with multiple NEP clients in the company's The Netherlands facility. The system provides content management and MAM workflows with multiple third-party applications from SAM, Telestream and others.

The Tedial MAM supports the creation and automated distribution of files and VOD services to multiple destinations. The system enables NEP to manage, modify and maintain its own workflows while being able to adapt to future operations. The system can be scaled according to new media processing and delivery requests; while protecting the ability to select partner equipment that the best fits the operation.

“This is a sophisticated end-to-end multi-tenant service that can be scaled and adapted to meet the requirements of any media facility regardless of size, number of channels, existing technology or distribution requirements,” explains Esther Mesas, Tedial’s CMO.

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