Barco Silex Integrates New Video CodingTechnique from the Latest VC-2 HQ Standard

Barco Silex has announced an upgraded version of its VC-2 HQ codec for high quality broadcast applications. This new version of our implementation of the codec is completely in-line with the recent update of VC-2 HQ open standard (SMPTE ST 2042-1:2017).

The Barco Silex VC-2 HQ codec is a high quality codec for professional applications. Its primary use is the light compression of high pixel rate video (4K, 8K) content to lower bandwidth in order to ease the real-time transport over networked IP infrastructure. The VC-2 HQ compression is essentially visually lossless, and does not add noticeable latency to the system which is important for applications such as broadcast contribution.

The new implementation of the VC-2 standard is compliant with the latest version of the SMPTE standard. The latest revision (SMPTE ST 2042-1:2017), released in June 2017, introduced the option of using asymmetrical wavelet transform for the VC-2 processing, instead of the usual symmetrical wavelet. Asymmetrical wavelets allow a better trade-off between the complexity of the codec and its efficiency. The new standard has also been updated to support latest and future video formats.

In order to provide users with a state of the art lightweight codec for ASIC and FPGA, Barco Silex decided to upgrade the VC-2 HQ IP cores to support the asymmetrical wavelet filtering according to the standard. This implementation uses the LeGall filter with 5 horizontal levels and 1 vertical level, guaranteeing a compression without artifacts with low FPGA/ASIC area. The new version of the VC-2 standard enables manufacturers of video over IP equipment’s to benefit from the latest coding techniques.

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