AWS Elemental shows High Dynamic Range and live to VoD capture at IBC 2017

AWS Elemental, the Amazon Web Services firm providing software-based video processing and delivery products, is majoring on video workflow and live-to-VoD capture at IBC 2017.

AWS Elemental also hopes to attract interest in its frame accurate live-to-VOD functionality, developed to satisfy growing demand for near-instant replays during sporting events in particular. The firm will show how content providers can create broadcast quality assets from a live stream, achieve immediate availability of catch-up and clipped assets, then save time and money by only transcoding assets as required.

Among the firm’s demonstrations will be multi-source High Dynamic Range (HDR), highlighting how its AWS Elemental Live product can now broadcast channels in either of the two rival UHD/4K HDR standards, HDR10 and HLG. This can take any combination of source content originally created in HDR10, HLG or Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) modes.

Also on display is Live Channel Playout, a software-based approach to linear 24/7 broadcast channel creation with the aim of reducing video workflow complexity, while improving resiliency and lowering operating costs. AWS is also targeting another area of growing demand, management of massive VoD libraries, and at IBC will show how a single AWS Elemental Delta node can manage one million VoD assets. These are stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), each associated with a thumbnail and metadata.

Then to satisfy yet another area of fast growing demand, cloud-based ingest services, AWS Elemental will demonstrate a range of integrations with cloud-based solutions for ingesting high-quality video content. Finally, the company says it will unveil updates to cloud migration and workflow support, as well as new capabilities for delivering better augmented and virtual reality experiences.

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