Manfrotto Introduces 360-Degree VR Range of Camera Support Gear

Manfrotto has announced a new virtual reality line, offering bases, booms, heads, dollies and other accessories that make it easier to create 360-degree videos.

Panorama Head

Panorama Head

With this new range, Manfrotto is taking immersive content creation into the mainstream — targeting both professional and consumer users. The company said videographers and photographers can capture entire scenes around their camera, enabling immersive viewing.

Small Levelling Base

Small Levelling Base

The Manfrotto 360-degree Virtual Reality line includes a VR adjustable dolly, clamps, a mini tripod kit, an aluminum base with or without half ball, pump cup with spigot adapter, a carbon tripod, panoramic head and a carbon fiber boom in different sizes.

Manfrotto said the bases have been designed to provide solid, motion-free support ensuring cameras remain as still as possible. Footprints are small enough that they won’t appear in the frame. The bases offer a choice of carbon fiber or aluminum materials and booms are provided to enable images to be taken at various heights.

The Manfrotto 360-degree VR components range in price from $38 to $825.

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