Blue Microphones Announces Raspberry Studio

Blue Microphones has debuted its Raspberry Studio microphone, a premium mobile USB and iOS vocal recording system.



Blue said the Raspberry delivers dramatic, studio-quality sound directly to any laptop or mobile device. Included is custom recording software from PreSonus, advanced mastering software from iZotope and a collection of quick start templates.

Raspberry features an Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) design inspired by treatments found in studios and concert halls. By diffusing noise and reflections as they enter the microphone, IAD focuses the voice while minimizing the ambient sound of the room.

The mic comes with custom templates for voice-overs, podcasts and music recording. It features automatic track setup and dialed-in sound processing for rich vocals.

The mic includes PreSonus Studio One Artist Recording software which captures the voice for podcasts, voice-over projects or audio for videos. It includes a 32-bit audio engine with superior sound quality. Also included is iZotope Ozone Elements, which features presets and macro controls to shape the sound for broadcast or streaming.

The cardioid mic, which weighs 5.8 ounces, has a 14mm electret condenser element and is plug and play ready with 24-bit/48kHz resolution for use with Mac, PC and all iOS devices including iPad and iPhone. It comes with both USB and Lightning cables. Price is $219.99.

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