Avid Nexis Storage Now Available

Avid has announced availability of Avid Nexis, self described as the world’s only software-defined storage platform for media.

For larger post and broadcast environments, Avid Nexis | E4 and E2 enterprise-class storage systems offer greater performance for 4K/UHD, color grading and finishing workflows, says Avid. New high-performance storage groups deliver up to 28.8 GB/s of bandwidth in a single Nexis system, providing the throughput needed to handle full-resolution media for online editing workflows.

For smaller environments, Nexis Pro professional-class storage is claimed to deliver real-time 4K performance at up to 2.4GB/s at a cheaper price. Both platforms also provide real-time creative team collaboration using not only Media Composer but other editorial and creative tools including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and more.

Pro Tools is also now qualified on Nexis. Users can share projects on a centralized pool of media storage, turning work around faster by eliminating the time wasted moving files between different systems.

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