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EVS Showcases Latest Innovations at SMPTE Australia 2017

EVS will present its latest range of Connected and Creative Live technology to visitors of the SMPTE Australia 2017 Show. This year’s edition of the Australian conference and exhibition of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is being held in Sydney’s International Convention Center (ICC) 18-21 July. EVS will showcase the latest in live production tools for video switching, video referring and broadcast centers and newsrooms.

During the show, EVS’ VP Sales APAC, Mike Snell will be presenting a paper on how IT-based switching brought Francis Ford Coppola's new 'live cinema' project Distant Vision to life. The full detail of the conferences is availble here: SMPTE Conference and Exhibition.

Throughout the show, EVS will allow visitors to experience the latest live production solutions including the DYVI live video switcher, which uses a software-defined architecture to let multiple users customize their productions at the touch of a button. Also featured, the XT4K, EVS’ dedicated UHD live production server will demonstrate how it gives users complete flexibility to use the server within IP or SDI-connected production workflows – within hybrid productions as well as to meet the need for new 4K-HDR live production.

EVS Video Assistance Solutions

EVS Video Assistance Solutions

Attendees will be able to see the dual monitor version of EVS’ Xeebra live video assistance solutions which help referees and medical personnel to review actions instantly, enabling sports officials to review crucial plays with clarity. With an easy to use interface, operators can view up to 16 synchronized angles simultaneously and zoom into a single camera if needed, insuring the right calls are made, every time. In April, New Zealand outside broadcast services provider OSB purchased a fleet of Xeebra systems for use as video assistant referees (VARs) and medical review for all international rugby competitions in the country.

Also on display will be LSM Connect and IPDirector which provide with instant access and control of all LSM-associated clips and gives users complete control over their clips, playlists and metadata. Working in collaboration with EVS’ LSM live enviornment, the Epsio suite of products - Epsio Paint and Epsio FX - will be showcased, demonstrating how they enhance replays and highlights.

Additionally Xfile3 transfer and archiving system will be on display, showing visitors how it provides fast access to EVS-associated files during live production. From a single work station, users can quickly backup, stream, find and restore archived content with ease in any format and from multiple destinations. 

Finally, the show’s attendees will be treated to a preview of EVS’ revolutionary 360 Motion Replay system which ingests feeds from a live 360-degree and gives operators the ability to create any number of virtual replays from any camera angle within the feed.

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