NESN Uses LiveU Wireless At Home Production Solution

LiveU delivers completely Wireless At Home Production solutions allowing users to cover more events with simplified logistics and reduced costs.

The New England Sports Network (NESN) is the official network of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins. NESN produced its 2017 Red Sox Spring Training games using a LiveU At Home Production Solution to accomplish true wireless mobility and HD quality productions rivalling traditional satellite trucks, without the high transmission costs and connectivity limitations.

LiveU delivered what the network needed; multiple wireless camera feed backhauls as independent HD video/audio signals from several Spring Training sports venues to NESN’s studios, all synched together. LiveU’s wireless At-Home Production solution allows broadcasters to reduce costs by producing live shows from a centralized studio control room instead of on-site production and satellite trucks.

NESN took in six live camera feeds powered by the LiveU transmission units, switched between multiple cameras with minimal latency, and added graphics, replays, and other video from their Boston-area control room with ease and precision. The technology eliminated the need for a full production mobile unit, satellite truck, transponder time, and travel expenses for many production personnel.

Sending less equipment and crew into the field allows producers to maximize in-house resources and increase efficiencies across the board.

Sending less equipment and crew into the field allows producers to maximize in-house resources and increase efficiencies across the board.

Compared with SNG

“During a couple of the initial games, we employed an SNG truck for comparison and cut in the control room between a LiveU camera and the same camera via satellite. It was difficult to see the difference between the feeds,” said Joseph Maar, NESN’s Vice President of Programming & Production, Executive Producer. “LiveU has made cellular bonding a viable option for affordable live sports production and transmission, particularly from venues with no connectivity. We spent significantly less than the cost of an SNG vehicle, satellite time, and travel expenses.”

NESN continues to use LiveU transmission units for its regular season pre/post game coverage, including live reports, player sound and manager press conferences. The network believes LiveU’s new LU600 transmission unit will enhance the HD picture quality and transmission reliability, allowing them to explore new programming opportunities.

At Home Production over mobile IP offers a huge market opportunity for being able to backhaul when the revenue to support a full on-site production isn’t available. LiveU technology is the perfect gateway to at home production for the mass market. Organizations can consolidate a bulk of the technical infrastructure and stop transporting expensive gear around the country.

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