Crystal Completes Advanced OTT Deployment for Big Four Network Affiliates

Crystal has announced that it has completed deployment for one of America’s leading television networks of an advanced software platform that allows the broadcaster to enforce distribution rights, provide dynamic ad insertion, manage C3, D4 and C7 rating metrics and provide accurate Video on Demand (VOD) across its network of owned and operated stations.

Crystal’s Connect software system inserts SCTE-standard metadata markers on a frame-accurate basis into an OTT feed of the local TV channel. This feed includes markers for both network-originated content and locally-originated content. These markers enable OTT providers to have better control over live-streaming channels, such as frame accurate restarts of currently airing programs and targeted advertising.

Interfacing with the broadcaster’s play-out automation system, Crystal’s Connect Metadata Packager determines what content is being played and when – accurate to the frame – and ensures that advertising and blackout insertion markers are delivered at the right time. Connect also ensures markers comply with industry standards by creating SCTE-35 messages. The markers are added to the channel’s transport using Crystal’s Transport Stream Conditioner, ensuring accurate PTS values for each marker. The transport stream is then made available to the broadcaster’s OTT partners.

The Connect package relies on Crystal’s vast experience of monitoring video routers to identify anomalies, such as break-away instances when the play-out automation system is active but the video being originated is not being sent over the air, which can happen during local breaking news. To compensate, Crystal’s Connect supresses the creation of SCTE-35 messages ensuring the live news feed is successfully delivered to the broadcaster’s OTT partners. 

“We’re delighted to be engaging with a premium network’s owned and operated stations, covering more than one-third of US viewers. TV channels of today must plan on future business models that require frame-accurate metadata markers, with as little disruption to workflow as possible. Crystal’s products offer that.”
Roger Franklin, President & CEO, Crystal

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