Italy’s NVP Unveils New 4K OB Truck with SAM Live Production Technology

Italian remote broadcast production company NVP has hit the road with a new 4K UHD capable OB truck that includes a Kahuna 9600 video switcher, a Sirius 840 router and modular signal processing products all supplied by Snell Advanced Media (SAM). Already used on several high profile sporting events, the new OB van now ranks amongst the most technologically advanced production units in Europe.

SAM worked with local system integrator Video Progetti to help design the truck to support the simultaneous acquisition and delivery of SD, HD, UHD, SDR and HDR content. The SAM Kahuna switcher features proprietary Format Fusion technology that allows it to handle multi-format projects and mix and match signals within the same production as necessary. This eliminates the need for external conversion devices.

The SAM Sirius 840 router also support multi-format signal delivery by allowing any combination of signal formats and processing, with no limitations on signal timing or synchronization, and no compromises on redundancy, monitoring or expansion capability.

Nataliano Pintabona, founder, owner and general manager at NVP, said the new OB van is used for its most challenging productions across Europe.

“SAM’s technology is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to meeting the evolving requirements in the market place,” he said. “The new truck means we are capable of producing SD, HD, UHD, SDR and HDR video, as well as leveraging the latest technologies such as IP. SAM’s solutions have really transformed our live production workflow.”

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