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Zixi Finds ZEN in the Cloud with Live Channel Management System

Managing live channel streams is becoming increasingly crucial with the proliferation of services. Video transmission specialist Zixi addressed this issue during last month’s 2017 NAB Show when it introduced the ZEN Management platform for handling broadcast-quality video channels over both IP systems and the internet.

ZEN Management is based on cloud technology and has been developed to control and manage a wide-scale Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN) comprising software subsystems and devices equipped with the company's technology. A central element of the new management system is its graphical user interface, which allows users to deal with video inputs and outputs as well as create live linear channels.

Zixi says the aim behind ZEN Management is to allow companies to exploit virtual infrastructures by using the system's features for configuration and monitoring. "New delivery models are creating opportunities for media companies and service providers, particularly those that can move with speed and do more with less," comments Zixi chief executive Chris Noe. "From distributing content to new regions, to creating hyper-localized channels, the Zixi Platform provides that reach, operational agility, and efficiency. ZEN Management brings it all together, making it easy to quickly launch new offerings and efficiently scale the operation."

The cloud-based ZEN Management can be controlled from conventional web browsers, which display all Zixi nodes and the live streaming between them. The interface also allows new channels to be created, with full representation of the performance of the services in addition to all hardware and software being used.

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