Matrox Video Unveils New Developer Products with BNC Connectors

Matrox Video has introduced a new full-height form factor with regular size BNC connectors to their lineup of developer products.

Matrox said the cards — the X.mio3 FH and DSX LE4 FH — will support four reconfigurable IOs plus genlock capabilities simplifying connection.

“Our broadcast and OEM customers have asked for BNC connections to match their existing workflows,” said Alberto Cieri, Matrox’s senior director of sales and marketing. “By integrating these full sized BNC connectors onto our cards, we’re addressing the needs of consumers looking to optimize the existing equipment used in their unique applications.”

The full BNC version of the X.mio3 FH provides multi-channel IO with hardware-based video processing in a half-length PCI express card. The full BNC connectors support four reconfigurable IOs, from SD to 4K, along with support for AES/EBU, LTC and GPIO to provide for versatile connectivity.

The multi-channel hardware processing accelerates compute-intensive operations including motion-adaptive de-interlacing, up/down/cross scaling and mixing/compositing for all resolutions, including 4K.

The full BNC versions of the Matrox X.mio3 FH & DSX LE4 FH will be available early third quarter 2017. 

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