Barnfind Expand BarnMini Family at 2017 NAB Show

Barnfind Technologies introduce several new BarnMini fiber optic modules at the 2017 NAB Show.

Barnfind debut the BarnMini-05, a compact way to combine an RS422/485, 4 x GPI and 4 x GPO, controllable via an Ethernet/SFP port. The unit can serve as an intelligent bridge between many third-party devices.

Barnfind’s BarnMini-06 is a new optical changeover switch, which can now provide its own power needed to drive the switch. This new device is also slightly smaller than previous models.

The BarnMini-07 is a 4-channel CWDM mux that was developed to transport 4K over different mediums. It is an efficient and affordable unit and fits into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame.

The BarnMini-08 includes two new optical splitters, while the BarnMini-11 can handle 12G, 10G, 4K and any other video format with a lower data rate than 12G. BarnMini-11 is equipped with re-clocker and is available as a standalone unit with a separate PSU or mounted into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame.

The BarnMini-12 can handle 12G, 10G, 4K and any other video format with a lower data rate than 12G. It is equipped with re-clocker.

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