Jünger Audio Joins with Tecom Group for New Loudness Monitoring Solution

Jünger Audio, a supplier of digital audio processors and related products, has teamed up with Tecom Group, a software development company, to offer customers the powerful combination of Jünger Audio’s Level Magic hardware and Tecom Group’s Loudness Analyzer software. The result, which will be on display at the 2017 NAB Show, is a new monitoring solution that enables users to control the quality of their broadcasting service and to ensure compliance with loudness regulations in whatever region of the world they operate.

“We are proud to partner with Jünger Audio,” said Alexander Kabanov, General Manager at Tecom Group. “It’s a step towards a new level of loudness control where real-time and file-based solutions combine to complement each other.”

With a real-time hardware solution, audio data on each program segment cannot be obtained. The goal of the new technology partnership, both companies said, is to leverage software technology to relate the audio data to the schedule, allowing fast and easy detection of possible loudness deviations.

Jünger Audio Level Magic (J*AM) audio processors provide loudness measurement and processing according to all worldwide loudness standards (including all the revisions of ITU-R BS.1770, EBU R 128, ATSC A/85 etc.). The Level Magic algorithm allows wideband loudness control while preserving high audio quality. Broadcasters that require efficient loudness management for a maximum number of channels can take advantage of the solution’s multi-channel and multi-format audio monitoring tools. At the end of the processing, momentary, short-term and integrated loudness plus true-peak input and output values are logged and transferred to J*AM Loudness Logger software.

That’s where Loudness Analyzer comes in. It reads J*AM Loudness Logger log-files, combines them with the broadcast schedule and calculates the integrated loudness of each program block, advertisement and announcement. Then the application compares the neighboring events’ integrated loudness levels and generates an analytical report that can be used to confirm the compliance with local regulations.

Other benefits of the integrated solution include measurement data delivery over network and software-based analysis that doesn’t require any additional hardware. Access to analytical reports ensures quick detection of loudness deviations, a reduction in response time and better performance as a result.

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