1 Beyond Releases 64TB To 1PB EzPetaSAN

1 Beyond has a new and lower entry point model of its EzPetaSAN shared storage solution. The EzPetaSAN Lite scales from 64TB up to just over 1PB of storage; the original EzPetaSAN starts at 240TB and expands to over 20PB.

The EzPetaSAN range is for large video libraries and allows multiple users to simultaneously edit HD to 8K+ formats directly from the storage.

“Our customers have been asking for the reliability, scalability, and high performance offered by the EzPetaSAN but at a lower entry point,” said Terry Cullen, CEO and Founder of 1 Beyond. “EzPetaSAN Lite is designed to reach every type of facility including those with smaller storage requirements and limited budgets as well as those that need to expand to 1 PB of storage.”

EzPetaSAN’s modular architecture is composed of an1 Beyond EzPetaHub,a central control system which hosts1 Beyond HyperSpace OSand the file system, and 1 Beyond EzPetaBlkstorage blocks, which can be added to the system to increase performance and capacity without any down time.

All EzPetaSAN systems feature block-level checksums allowing automatic corrupt data correction, increased RAID levels, SAS multi-pathing, and redundant power supplies and fans. Considerably higher performance than traditional RAID 5 or 6 arrays is possible due to unique RAM and SSD cache design.

User connectivity can be 1, 10 or 40 Gbps to ensure each workstation has throughput needed for dealing with larger file sizes.

Three EzPetaBlk storage block versions are now available, each of which can be populated with 4TB, 6TB, 8TB or 10TB enterprise 12Gb SAS hard drives. EzPetaBlk 16, which has 16 disks, can be used with the EzPetaSAN Lite. Either theEzPetaBlk 60or theEzPetaBlk 90,which have 60 or 90 disks respectively, can be used with the EzPetaSAN.

EzPetaSAN Lite starts at $29,980 for 64TB and EzPetaSAN starts at $89,035 for 240TB. All EzPetaSAN systems are IPv6 and USGv6 certified.

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