Bruce’s Shorts | 4.12 - How Many Pixels in Your Resolution?

In this episode of Bruce’s Shorts, Bruce Devlin raises the question “What does the word resolution actually mean and why do people get confused?”.

In this continuing series of short tutorials, Bruce Devlin talks about that often-abused word ‘resolution’. The word is often confused with ‘pixel count’. A cheap camera may be advertised as having 4K resolution, but what does that actually mean?

A 4K single sensor camera with a Bayer color filter array will have 4000 pixels horizontally, but only 1,000 of those pixels will be red, for example. So the resolution is going to be lower than 4K. The lens is also going to lower the resolution.

The lesson is to beware the word resolution. It used to mean the finest detail that you could resolve in the image, but today it is a marketing word that tells you how many pixels are on the display. Listen to Bruce's succinct explanation. 

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