Witbe Robots to Detect LATAM and Caribbean QoE

CLAdirect and Witbe’s new partnership is preparing to monitor, test and improve Quality of Experience for media viewers, data and telephony users across Latin America and the Caribbean.

CLAdirect is including the Quality of Experience (QoE) technologies of Witbe as a new asset in its innovative portfolio. CLAdirect is a technology solutions provider with 20 successful years in the Latin America and the Caribbean regions.

Combining hardware and software, Witbe’s state-of-the-art technologies have already been adopted by over 300 clients in 45 countries. Witbe provides a powerful approach to monitor the Quality of Experience actually being delivered to end-users of any interactive service (telephony, video, or internet), on any device (PC, smartphone, STB, or Home Gateway) and over any type of network (fixed, mobile, or OTT).

Witbe has developed an approach based on robots replicating users’ behaviors, 24/7. The behaviors include watching a video on demand on a tablet, logging on a bank account, giving calls from a smartphone etc. Witbe robots can proactively detect in real-time any service degradation, thus allowing service providers to improve their customers’ experience and satisfaction.

About the new partnership, Marie-Véronique Lacaze, President and CEO of Witbe, said: “It is extremely important for us to assist and support clients using our technologies. Having CLAdirect so close to all these new markets will considerably expand our sales footprint and service coverage. Moreover, this will enable Witbe to be closer to our clients in the Caribbean and in Latin America”.

Also, on this new agreement, CLAdirect’s CEO, Alberto Gross, emphasizes on Witbe’s offer for Service providers, MSOs and OTTs players: “Witbe’s robots not only guarantee high quality image and sound, but also keep up to the operations challenge. The most important broadcasters in the U.S. and Europe trust this technology to measure objectively the actual quality delivered to end-users. We believe – soon enough – Latin America and Caribbean players will adopt these technologies”.

Also commenting on the partnership, Gilles Richard, VP Business Development of Witbe, said: “It is a great pleasure for Witbe to sign this partnership agreement with CLAdirect. As a pan-regional Systems Integrator with presence in 11 countries, CLAdirect will be able to offer Witbe’s QoE technologies to Service providers, MSOs and OTTs players throughout the Americas. CLAdirect will also provide local support and consulting services on our technologies. We are very optimistic about this partnership. Indeed, a major Tier1 MSO in Peru has already chosen Witbe’s technologies through CLAdirect."

Jaime Blanco, VP of Solutions at CLAdirect indicates that there’s a lot of excitement in their team for Witbe’s technology: “For this partnership, we have prepared our own Center of Development, equipped with Witbe’s robots, with the objective to provide PoC to prospects and to bring support services for the existing customers. Also, our consulting team has been trained in Witbe’s offices in New York last month”.

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