WRAL-TV Selects Xytech’s MediaPulse to Manage Operations

Raleigh, North Carolina-based WRAL has selected Xytech MediaPulse to manage the NBC affiliate’s production and news activities. MediaPulse plays an important role behind the scenes at WRAL, helping to schedule reporters, photographers, anchors, engineers, creative services personnel and their activities, as well as equipment and trucks. MediaPulse also supports scheduling of master control for the station.

Quick intro to MediaPulse

Capitol Broadcasting Company's WRAL focus on innovation continues with the selection of MediaPulse to optimise efficiency and transparency, and to automate and analyse its operational activities along with a news operations staff of 120. The station covers major events including tournaments and elections where numerous personnel and a large pool of equipment need to be planned, organised, scheduled and tracked over multiple days. All those operations run on MediaPulse. Additionally, WRAL Creative Services production work and the station's engineering staff are better scheduled and tracked through MediaPulse.

Xytech's MediaPulse offers broadcasters and production facilities the ability to more efficiently track their resources and costs in real time. The platform provides WRAL and other stations with better management and staff decision-making by making important information available. MediaPulse Sky enables anytime-anyplace browser interface, and the MediaPulse iOS app facilitates efficient time entry and schedule access via mobile devices. 

“The strength of MediaPulse in WRAL’s operations is being demonstrated to us daily and we’re delighted to work with the great team there to fully realize the benefits of this powerful platform.”
— Pete Sockett, Director of Engineering and Operations, WRAL

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