PlayBox Powers PSI Broadcasting Thailand

Thailand’s largest satellite TV platform provider upgrades its PlayBox Technology channel-in-a-box servers.

Long-time PlayBox Technology customer PSI Broadcasting recently expanded its playout facilities by upgrading to the latest-generation AirBox Neo servers.

PSI transmits its own channel, Saradee, and provides round-the-clock television playout and monitoring services via Thaicom 5 and Thaicom 6 satellites from its headquarters in Bangkok. Thai channels using the PSI platform include JKN, JatingJa, MChannel, Boomerang and TNT.

"High quality, high reliability and high efficiency are our key business drivers," commented PSI Broadcasting manager Rattana Taipong. "AirBox fulfils all three demands, enabling us to offer our customers round-the-clock services scaled to their exact requirements.”

Taipong continued, “This project includes the upgrade of two AirBox channels to AirBox Neo. These are configured in main and backup roles for the Saradee channel which provides a mix of public information, documentaries and entertainment. We have a total of 15 AirBox servers, all of which perform well and give our customers an essentially seamless service. AirBox Neo brings a lot of extra facilities including the ability to handle UHD, HD and SD content within a single server. Most technical support is obviously now online but we appreciate the proximity of the PlayBox Technology Thailand office right here in Bangkok."

"The upgrade we have provided to PSI Broadcasting includes ListBox Neo schedule editing, TitleBox Neo channel branding and SafeBox Neo pre-transmission content replication," adds PlayBox Technology COO and Asia Pacific region manager Pavlin Rahnev.

ListBox Neo enables programme editors to create and edit schedules days or weeks in advance of transmission. It provides facilities such as text searching, clips copying/pasting and schedule printing. ListBox Neo also has a clip trimmer for simple programme editing. No special server or hardware is required. ListBox Neo runs flawlessly even on a notebook, even with software-based trimming and previewing.

SafeBox Neo replicates remote content to local playout server folders for safe transmission. It implements a new graphic interface plus new significantly faster processing for moving primary or copied content to the playout and central storage servers. In addition, a new workflow routine protects content being overwritten. Expired daily schedule content is automatically deleted or moved to a predefined folder for manual deletion or archiving. Deletion can be performed automatically or by manual approval of deletion lists. Files can also be assigned specific protection to prevent removal from network sources. SafeBox Neo can be operated in playlist-dependent or stand-alone mode.

TitleBox Neo provides a wide range of interactive on-air graphics and titling capabilities which can be manipulated live. It includes substantial improvements for dealing with UHD projects as well as supporting HD and SD operation. TitleBox Neo provides total control during on-air sessions, including text selection, running speed and transitions. The feature set includes horizontal crawling text, vertically rolling credits and messages, still and animated logo graphics, analogue and digital clocks, banner slideshows and chat text with automated horizontal or vertical scrolling.

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