Macnica Completes NMI Integration

Macnica’s intellectual property ensures that standards-compliant, IP-based TV broadcast equipment can work seamlessly in Sony’s IP live production system.

Macnica has implemented an intellectual property core that is fully compliant with the Networked Media Interface (NMI) media transport ‘SMPTE RDD40: Essence-independent IP Live Networked Media Transport’ specification. Its interoperability has been certified by Sony and is now available.

The Macnica NMI solution adds to its existing ST2022-1/2/5/6/7 and TR-03 (draft ST2110) solutions. Third-party manufacturers can license Macnica's intellectual property to enable their standards-based IP broadcast products to integrate seamlessly with NMI solutions.

Macnica is a member of the IP Live Alliance, a group of hardware and software vendors supporting Sony's IP Live promotion initiatives. Macnica is one of Sony's initial partners for implementing intellectual property for NMI.

"Today's broadcast and media organizations need to leverage the latest technologies to create efficient and sustainable production environments. AV-over-IP solutions offer the flexibility and scalability required to meet these current and future needs. As one of our key partners for IP Live Alliance, Macnica is playing a critical role in ensuring that IP-based equipment providers can deliver solutions that work seamlessly in Sony's IP Live production system."
Ryosuke Hayashi, deputy senior general manager, Sony Corporation
"Sony plays a major role in the broadcast video equipment market and is leading the industry in offering truly interoperable solutions for IP-based infrastructures. We are proud to be Sony's go-to partner for enabling third-party broadcast equipment for use with growing IP Live solutions."
John Burton, president, Macnica

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