Adobe Launches TV Media Management Solution

The goal of Adobe’s TV Media Management system is not more ads, but more relevant ads. That’s good for both viewer and the advertiser.

Adobe has announced its TV Media Management platform which will let media companies leverage data analytics in the Adobe Marketing Cloud so that advertisers can target specific audiences more accurately.

Campbell Foster, director of product marketing with Adobe Marketing Cloud explained the process in an interview with The Broadcast Bridge.

“Companies look at the Adobe analytics video data going back for as long as they have subscribed to that product, and select out various demographic variables about the audience segments,” Foster began. “For example, the historic analytics data may show that a male millennial viewer who lives in California and watches NASCAR and is interested in opening a checking account. Based on that data, the media company can work with their advertising partners to predict what ads would be of interest to that customer.”

This is all part of the Adobe TV Media Management platform, or TVMM, an advertising planning and yield optimization solution.

Most significantly, the system engages specific audiences across the myriad of means by which they watch media today, from traditional broadcast TV to hand-held streaming devices to TV apps, providing more personalized ads that drive ROI.

Adobe TMM can account for watching programs on multiple screens

Adobe TMM can account for watching programs on multiple screens

“We are able to account for the fact you may have begun watching a program on an iPad, but finished it on your home smart TV, Foster said. “That way the advertisers doesn’t have to pay twice for one viewer because they were using two different viewing screen. We are able to figure that out.”

And how is all that data generated?

“All the information comes from the large media companies,” Foster explained. “For example, when viewers go to a network broadcaster viewership rating, or their app, or their Apple TV or X-Box PlayStation, viewership information is generated. And this information can be made available to the media companies. So this TVMM, platform is based on viewing habits and the relationship between the media company and the viewer. It all adheres strictly to U. S. privacy laws.”

For a long time, ad inventory was sold on the principle of programming characteristics alone. Now with the TV Media Management platform media sellers can leverage viewer preferences and attributes to create true audience-based targeting.

“Up to now, media company sales guys have been winging it, using Microsoft Excel and their own intuition to gauge where to put their advertising dollars a year from now,” Foster said. “That’s why they are lucky to hit a 46% forecasting accuracy which results in a whole lot of ‘make goods’ when goal numbers are not achieved. So you can see why TVMM is such a needed service.”

Although the Adobe TV Media Management platform was announced on December 14, 2016, Foster is upfront that they don’t have any major clients to name during this early rollout.

“We’re hoping to release a whole list of customers during the May TV Upfronts when the new shows are announced and the adspends for the rest of the year are declared,” he shared with us. “That’s when up to 70% of TV advertising budgets are spent. We are trying to work with the advertising companies to better plan their Upfronts strategy based on historical consumption behavior.”

It’s not about more ads, its all about ads that are better targeted to give the consumer information that is more relevant to them. And that benefits us all.

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