Quicklink TX Quad Manages 4 Skype Calls Simultaneously In SDI

The Quicklink TX Quad manages up to four simultaneous incoming Skype calls, all processed as four SDI outputs in one single unit.

Quicklink TX Quad allows operators to create four high quality, low latency, two way broadcast-ready full HD Skype calls for video production. Users can upgrade to the High Availability Option for additional resilience, simplifying existing workflows using an all-in-one, plug and play solution. System provides access to 300 million Skype users for inclusion for remote interviews within live broadcasts, TV game shows, worship events or large managed corporate events. 

TX Quad Rear 8SDI

TX Quad Rear 8SDI

For talk shows, Skype users can use any Skype client equipped with a video-enabled device to connect and send audio and video to The Quicklink TX. Users simply connect with their regular Skype account.

The Quicklink TX unit can be used to both send and receive audio/video via the SDI or HDMI I/O. This is ideal if there is a need to operate via multiple production sites. Two Quicklink TX units can support studio grade bi-directional HD/SDI to HD/SDI.

For conferences, the Quicklink TX sends to a remote client, enabling the transmission of a high quality professional stream to the Skype client. The Skype user can view the stream on a laptop or monitor.

The Quicklink TX Quad includes both a Quicklink Contributor App and Quicklink TX Control Panel. The Quicklink Contributor App is a geo-paging system which will instantly notify contributors about newly posted jobs in their area. The Quicklink TX Control Panel is a simple, easy to use network control which allows operators to manage multiple Quicklink TX units.

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