Deluxe Acquires Cloud Platform Sfera

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has bought Sfera Studios and Sfera Labs to enhance its content localisation efforts. The new division is led by former Google Head of Global Language Services Derek McKellar.

Deluxe is integrating Sfera cloud technology into Deluxe Localization to provide what it calls "the best localization platform in the industry", with plans to expand the platform to serve as a core element of the company's overall development of new automated, technology-based processes and services.

The combination of Deluxe and Sfera creates one of the largest capacities in the world, with thousands of translators covering 50+ languages across 75 countries. 

"Activating that force on the Sfera platform creates the massive scalability and security required to meet the content localization needs of the global marketplace," Deluxe CEO John Wallace said. "We created Deluxe Localization together with Sfera to make sure our clients have the kind of capacity, capability, and state-of-the-art technology that just wasn't present in the industry, and is absolutely required to reach worldwide audiences. The Sfera cloud platform lets us harness our global workforce and the data generated across our businesses to build more efficient operations capable of serving the growing appetite for content around the world." 

Services include subtitling in 50+ languages, Accessibility services, Material ingest (Material creation, watermarking, automated synchronization with audio), Audio conforming, language identification, and quality control, Metadata creation, conform, and quality control.

Sfera Founder and CEO Morgan Fiumi said, "We're incredibly excited to join Deluxe. Sfera is a team of amazing individuals with a vision for developing industry-first technology. Deluxe will enable us to accelerate our technology and bring efficiencies to our clients on a much broader scale. I am thrilled to become part of this iconic brand and join John [Wallace] and his team to launch and drive this innovation." 

Fiumi will take on the newly-created role of Chief Innovation Officer of Deluxe, overseeing product and development across all divisions of the Company, along with the continued development of the Sfera platform, reporting to Deluxe CEO John Wallace. The new global Deluxe Localization Division will be led by former Google Head of Global Language Services, Derek McKellar, also reporting to Wallace, who joins the company in December. The Sfera team in Los Angeles will continue to work in its Santa Monica facility, and its team in India will continue to work in its Bangalore facility. 

Ron Horwitz, Deluxe SVP of Worldwide Localization, said, "Our clients have seen the demand for their content just explode worldwide. Combining Deluxe Localization with Sfera creates a solution for their need -- it gives them more capacity, more security, and more skilled resources to localize content than they've ever had access to before. Having been part of building this organization from its early days, I'm excited to work with Derek, Morgan, and the Sfera team to drive it forward with this technology-based approach."

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