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Manfrotto Introduces XPRO Monopod + and Fluidtech Base

Manfrotto has introduced the XPRO Monopod+ and Fluidtech Full Fluid Base, a new monopod for professional videographers to achieve smooth pan, tilt and swivel motions.

Manfrotto said the new Monopod+ models comes in a choice of four or five sections. The legs are made of aluminum or carbon fiber and kits are available with and without heads. The monopods come with the FluidTech base included.

The new base offers three-way motion. The rotation can be locked off to allow only panning or unlocked to support smooth action in three directions. The base attaches and detaches by screwing it to the foot of the monopod.

While the base will hold the monopod upright on its own, Manfrotto doesn’t suggest using it self-standing with a camera attached.

The new Fluidtech monopod is for when volume and weight need to be minimal, set-up speed is of primary importance or there's no room for a tripod. It can also be used for creative, overhead footage.

The first of its kind on the market, the new monopod features fluidity on all three axes to deliver smoothness in an extremely compact solution for advanced video shooting.

The price is $189.99.

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