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Elation’s Rayzor 360Z Introduces High-Speed LED Beam/Wash Light with Zoom

Elation has introduced the Rayzor 360Z, a new beam/wash moving head in its Rayzor Series of compact and high-speed LED lights.

Elation said the Rayzor 360Z houses three 60 watt RGBW LEDs for a powerful thrust of light and includes a 5 to 50-degree motorized zoom for narrow to wide beam angle spreads.

The Rayzor 360Z offers more brightness for its size than comparable lights. It has 20,550 Lux @ 3m with a five degree zoom and features a fast and precise 16-bit continuous 360-degree pan and tilt rotation.

It is an effective wash light. Color temperature is variable from 2,700 - 8,000 Kelvin and colors mix uniformly from vibrant colors across beautiful pastels to authentic warm and cool shades of white. A variety of color macros are included.

The Rayzor 360Z offers a full complement of other professional features, including electronic strobe and zero to 100 percent dimming with selectable dimming curve effects. The fixture allows for individual pixel control, which opens up for custom designs. Users can also turn to the convenience of built-in macros. Refresh rate frequency and gamma brightness are also adjustable.

The fixture is controllable via multiple DMX channel modes, including ArtNet and KlingNet protocol support and is remote device management ready. Multiple unit power linking makes for quick installation and customizable setups.

The Rayzor 360Z features a full color 180 degree reversible LCD menu display with a seven-button touch control panel. Professional grade five-pin XLR DMX in/out, RJ45 etherCON and Powercon True1 in/out connections are included.

The fixture operates flicker free for use in TV and other broadcast applications and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies.

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