New Party Line Belt Packs for Large-Scale Production from RTS

Party-line intercom systems continue to have a place in an increasingly digital and IP world. Broadcasters, installers and systems integrators still specify lower cost and easy to configure and run systems, a requirement that most manufacturers continue to meet with new product. RTS did this during IBC 2016 with the introduction of what are described as two universal belt packs that can connect to a variety of different formats.

RTS used its new stand and position in Hall 10 at the RAI centre to show the BP-4000 single-channel and BP-5000 dual channel belt packs, which are based on a plug-and-play principle. The manufacturer says they are designed for large-scale production where broadcasters and facilities companies need to install equipment quickly and cheaply.

Both units, which feature a new housing design, are intended to be used in set-ups with fixed user locations. The BP-4000 and BP-5000 are aimed at installations covering long distances without repeater devices. Each unit includes four or five pin XLR connections that accept a variety of headset models, with either integral dynamic or electret microphones.

A key feature of the new belt packs is intelligent power management. This is claimed to significantly reduce the amount of power the units draw, compared to earlier RTS belt packs. While this is environmentally preferable, it also means up to 40 devices can operate on a daisy-chain network connected to only one PS-20 power source.

Set-up is aided by an automatic recognition feature, which configures packs for RTS, Audiocom or Clear-Com intercom formats. There is further guidance from a voice-based prompt system for using the configuration menus. Other features include an upgraded talk button, which can be switched between 'always on', 'always off' or 'switching', and remote 'mic kill' that transmits an inaudible signal to mute all belt pack mics on the partly line.

The BP-4000 and BP-5000 are due to be on the international market during December.

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