Waves Audio Offers Nx Virtual Mix Room Over Headphones

At AES 2016, Waves displayed its Nx Virtual Mix Room, a plugin that puts listeners in the audio sweet spot – everywhere they listen on headphones.

Waves Nx allows users to hear, on any pair of headphones, the same natural depth, natural reflections and panoramic stereo image they would be hearing from speakers in an actual room.

It turns headphones into a more reliable professional mixing and monitoring tool by allowing everything to be heard with real-world dimension.

Waves Nx bridges the gap between monitoring on speakers and monitoring on headphones. It works with real-time head tracking by taking advantage of the user’s computer camera. Nx gives an accurate representation of how a headphone mix will translate to loudspeakers without any coloration of the sound.

By delivering the natural listening experience of a physical room, Waves Nx also makes the headphone experience more comfortable and ear-friendly over long periods of time.

Waves has also introduced a consumer application, Nx Head Tracker, that allows users to enjoy the enhanced realism of being in the Virtual Mix Room. Waves Nx tracks the actual movements of the user’s head, to render the slight nuances that create a real, dynamic and variable sensory experience – appropriately positioning the audio in the left and right headphones to simulate movement through the audio space.

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