NewTek and Vizrt Join Forces For IP-Based Newsrooms

While NewTek and Vizrt previously have worked together, the two companies have now entered into a formal collaborative agreement to market and sell a new automated newsroom system that leverages live IP-based production tools from both vendors.

The Vizrt Viz Mosart automation system offers greatly simplified operations for the creation of reusable and flexible automation templates and the ability to have one newsroom script aired anywhere. By combining SDI compatibility with IP flexibility, the NewTek IP Series production switcher integrates into all types of infrastructures, while future proofing a production facility.

Andrew Cross, NewTek President and CTO, said the combination of the Viz Mosart automation system and NewTek solutions for live production addresses broadcasters' need for integrated production systems that deliver the latest news and live sports, fast and accurately, to multiple audiences across many screens, including social media.

“This is the result of a long collaboration between NewTek and Vizrt as we have been working to deliver a true IP based workflow, taking advantage of some of the most exciting technology changes that our industry has seen.”

In breaking news situations, Viz Mosart operators can make live changes on the fly using the system’s advanced shortcut functionalities and efficient rundown modification tools. Complex operations can be performed fast, easy and without errors, and the operator can focus on creating great content.

Viz Mosart automation enables just a few operators to master complex productions using a common and intuitive software interface.

Viz Mosart automation enables just a few operators to master complex productions using a common and intuitive software interface.

The Mosart system takes input from the newsroom computer system, controls systems and devices, and allows the operator to maintain control of both regular broadcasts and unpredictable breaking news events. In addition to NewTek’s all-in-one production systems, the Mosart system can also work with video switchers manufactured by Snell, Ross, Grass Valley, and Sony.

“We designed our studio automation system to give broadcasters a flexible and easy way to deliver complex live productions,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen Vizrt CTO. “Vizrt has developed an IP structure that allows our customers to choose the best IP workflow for their needs. By combining our studio automation system with the versatility of the NewTek line of live production solutions, media companies have a new native IP workflow for all aspects of the production.”

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