​Archion Passes Telestream Test

Storage vendor Archion Technologies has had its equipment certified for Telestream’s media processor Vantage for 4K work.

“The Archion/Telestream combination makes for a very powerful 4K video storage workflow system," says James Tucci, Archion’s CTO, who oversaw the testing. "Archion’s Editstor systems have all of the bandwidth upfront and thus our clients can get immediate performance for the Telestream Vantage Media Processing Platform. In addition, our standards-based networking allows the Telestream Lightspeed servers to be easily connected to 4 ports of high-speed 10gigE. Multiple live streams and baseband capture with real time transcoding all become easy with Editstor systems’ massive throughput."

Archion’s Telestream certification process consisted of Archion testing the Velo, Omni and Omni Hybrid 10gigE ports at line level, performing file movement tests between Vantage and Editstor, direct convert testing with ProRes files, transcoding, and creating and reading open files.

“Our overall bandwidth with one port of 10gigE was 1000 MB/sec writes and 1200 reads - more than enough bandwidth for 4K Vantage Workflows. Using only one of Editstor’s four 10gigE ports shows Editstor’s ability to scale with Vantage servers,” he adds.

The Direct Converter test clocks real-time performance and Editstor’s ability to work with real time writes. Archion’s baseline was a 6GB file and the test showed that Editstor was reading and writing 8.2 faster than real time. Both the transcode and open file ingest tests confirmed comparable results.

Cutting Edge, a reseller and systems integrator, is a Telestream Vantage and Archion storage partner. “As an integrator that has made our name providing solutions across all types of media,” said Sig Knapstad, Cutting Edge’s CTO, “It’s our responsibility to continually educate our customers on subjects like demanding 4K workflows. We are excited to be working with these powerful Archion and Telestream tools in hopes of helping our customers improve and automate their 4K workflows.”

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