Autocue And NewTek Combine To Highlight The Benefits Of NDI

Autocue and NewTek demonstrated the interoperability between NDI-enabled applications and other devices at IBC 2016. The two broadcast companies connected and ran Autocue’s QStart teleprompting software, located in the Vitec Videocom booth, 12.E65, to the NewTek booth, 7.K11, at opposite ends of the RAI Exhibition Center.

Autocue’s QStart is a downloadable entry-level teleprompting software based on QMaster software. The demonstration at IBC illustrates the power and flexibility of IP workflows thanks to QStart’s integration with NewTek's Network Device Interface (NDI), which makes it recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled applications and devices, such as a TriCaster production switcher, connected to a standard Ethernet local area network.

Autocue’s integration with NewTek’s royalty free NDI technology represents potential cost savings for users as it eliminates the need for costly direct connections, expensive cable runs and infrastructure upgrades while turning every source into a destination that is instantly available anywhere on the network.

“NDI allows video and audio sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network, and integrating the technology into QStart enables productions to include the teleprompting feed as a source,” explained Robin Brown, Product Manager for Autocue.

“This allows a great deal of flexibility in the broadcast environment and clearly shows the benefits of an IP based workflow. One of the most obvious benefits is that it now removes the need for the computer running the teleprompting software and a TriCaster to be physically connected, which enables the teleprompter operator to be positioned in any location with a network connection. For example, it may be more convenient to position them in the studio rather than in the control room. In addition, users can choose to connect their teleprompters to either system – making use of a larger number of outputs,” said Brown.

“Software-driven IP workflows are quickly becoming universal in video production,” said Michael Kornet, executive vice president of Business Development for NewTek. “NDI-enabled applications like QStart teleprompting software exponentially increase the video sources available for live production, creating efficiencies and opportunities for customers that did not previously exist. We are delighted to be able to offer QStart free of charge to NewTek customers and help them extend the advantages of using NDI."

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