Verimatrix Announces Verspective Operator Analytics Evaluation Program Ahead Of IBC

Verimatrix has continued its expansion into video analytics from its long established revenue security base with availability of a quick-start evaluation program for its Verspective Operator Analytics. This new program, unveiled in time for demonstration at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam, is designed to help operators better understand how to securely and rapidly collate data from various sources in near real time.

Verimatrix says the data can then be harnessed for actionable analytics across multiple departments including marketing as well as customer support and relationship management. This will give service providers the opportunity to expand their analytics capabilities with more census-based data sources and complement traditional network monitoring analytics to get a comprehensive view of subscriber intelligence and network performance.

Implemented in the cloud, the Verspective Operator Analytics evaluation program comprises a pre-configured, software-based analytics platform that can be integrated with an operator’s main sources of operational and consumption data, including Video On Demand, CDN and client devices. Service providers also receive a set of report templates that can help analyze data and determine potential for return on investment (ROI).

“Every operator we speak with is interested in truly harnessing the power of Big Data to make quicker and better informed decisions that ultimately drive the bottom line,” said Steve Oetegenn, president of Verimatrix. “We have recognized the need to provide a secure entry point that service providers can use to adopt a centralized analytics approach that ties together insights from operations, product development and marketing. The Verspective Operator Analytics evaluation program provides that point of entry, plus the confidence knowing that data is both secure and compliant with appropriate privacy regulations.”

There are two angles to Verimatrix’ big data analytics strategy. One is to provide secure access to third party sources of data, ensuring that rules over privacy and data integrity are upheld. Secondly Verimatrix aims to exploit the data its own security components can provide, which can enhance the other sources both to improve quality of service and better understand customer behavior.

For example Verimatrix can make sense of encrypted data during transmission since it alone has the ability to decrypt it. This is valuable for the company’s network monitoring partners, which can then analyze the data while in transit across the network and as a result determine QoS for individual streams. Verimatrix can also detect channel changes as they occur and relate this to the content being watched, helping pay-TV operators understand customer behavior and make effective recommendations. Verimatrix can also see trick-play activity such as fast forward from its position at the client end. This can help IPTV operators with IP multicast, for otherwise client-side probes would have to be deployed to detect trick-play. Operators can then determine accurately which content has been skipped, replayed and paused, which in turn enables them to confirm which adverts were actually viewed. Such granular information can help both operators and advertisers make informed decisions over ad placement and pricing.

Verspective Operator Analytics is an extensible suite of subscriber intelligence tools that are designed with data security and integrity built in as a foundation for actionable intelligence. Through the analysis and distribution of census-based video service data, the solution provides a combination of real-time and historical perspectives of service and subscriber usage.

The Verspective Operator Analytics evaluation program will be demonstrated during IBC 2016 at the Verimatrix booth #5.A59, where service providers can learn more about qualifying for the program.

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