​EVS Adds 4K Workflow to Servers

EVS new XT4K and XS4K are new UHD servers which are said by maker EVS to be a reliable and practical means of producing 4K and HD content for live production.

XT4K is a production and replay server which uses uncompressed 12G SDI in and output ports and integrated IP I/O options to deliver new flexible ways to design production facilities’ infrastructures.

“The server will offer users the capability to grow with future engine software updates enabling even more flexible UHD/HD configurations through increased channel density options,” says Laurent Petit, vp product at EVS.

The XT4K offers four channels of 4K or 8 channels of HD and, with its native 10-bit codec XAVC-4K, is able to work with HDR-enabled live content. Operators could use the server in native-IP, traditional SDI or hybrid workflows. The XT4K has also been built to support emerging SuperMotion cameras.

Based on the same signature loop recording as all of EVS’ live production servers, the XT4K has the capacity to record over 130 hours of 4K-UHD content with the same speed and functionality of existing LSM highlights and replay production systems.

The XS4K is for studio environments and comes with a four channel 4K and 8 channel HD configuration which enables ingest and playout multiformat content.

It is available in Quad-SDI or 12G-SDI setups, while a new on-board XIP option allows integration to the native-IP workflows of tomorrow’s production infrastructure. Also based on EVS’ unique loop recording, this server supports the XAVC codec for 4K and will support AVC-Intra, DNxHD and ProRes codecs for HD workflows.

XiP is available now as an external peripheral for existing XT3 servers and the embedded IP solution for the XT4K and the XS4K will be available by the end of the year.

“These two new additions to the EVS live production server family are designed to meet the expectations of today’s broadcasters and content producers for practical solutions to embrace tomorrow's technologies and formats in today’s production operations,” said Muriel De Lathouwer, ceo and managing director of EVS.

Petit added: “being able to produce 4K content is no longer a novelty – it’s something our customers and partners need to do to deliver audiences what they want. The XT4K and XS4K have been designed so that investments will be protected.”

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