2wcom to Show AoIP and Satellite Integration at IBC 2016

At IBC 2wcom will be focusing their attention on new technology that takes transport one step further by letting broadcasters easily integrate AoIP and satellite technologies and switch from one stream to another, depending on their immediate needs.

2wcom will showcase its new audio distribution solutions for the following: the new MM01 audio-over-IP codec, the FlexDSR dual-channel satellite system and the new MM08 MPEG encoder.

2wcom's MM01 audio-over-IP codec.

2wcom's MM01 audio-over-IP codec.

The MM01 is a 19” 1RU rack-mount device, complete with display, jogwheel, remote control, audio I/O, serial I/O, GPIOs, redundant IP interfaces and dual redundant power supplies.

Designed for versatility, the MM01 codec is suitable for studio-to-transmitter link applications, studio-to-studio transmissions, as well as broadcast and post production purposes. It now supports Ravenna, Livewire and AES-67 and offers StreamSure technology and SIP functions.

It is compatible with Session Description Protocol (SDP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Session Announcement Protocol (SAP), Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2).

2wcom's FlexDSR dua-channel  satellite system

2wcom's FlexDSR dua-channel satellite system

Particularly suited for dual-stream applications, the FlexDSR is a satellite receiver that also serves as a complete AoIP system. The multi-faceted solution, ideal for mixed environments, automatically detects and switches to the best quality source — satellite or IP. The system, which cleverly combines transport technologies, facilitates the reception of transport streams or elementary audio streams via IP with Pro-MPEG FEC and DualStreaming protection against IP packet losses.

FlexDSR can receive and decode audio from a wide range of sources. It is capable of transporting streams via satellite (DVB-S/S2), ASI input and IP, while it can also manage elementary audio streams and Icecast streams via IP. Able to support audio codecs such as MPEG 1 Layer 2, MP3, AAC LC, HE-AACv1 and HE-AACv2 and Enhanced aptX, FlexDSR also offers quality uncompressed audio PCM at 48kHz/24bits.

2wcom's MM08 AoIP encoder.

2wcom's MM08 AoIP encoder.

MM08E is a professional eight-stereo channel AoIP encoder designed for broadcast, contribution, distribution, in-house streaming, studio-to-transmitter links and studio-to-studio links. With this new encoder, customers do not need to depend on third party encoders anymore.

Compatible to AES67, Ravenna, Livewire and EBU Tech 3326 supporting all standard AoIP protocols like Session Description Protocol (SDP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Session Announcement Protocol (SAP), Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), RealTime Control Protocol (RTCP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTPv2), the system works with various audio coding algorithms (Eapt-X, AAC and derivate, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3, PCM).

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